Quality Improvement 2023/2024 ⮕

Leadership Team


A Leadership Team Dedicated to Enriching Senior Lives

Our exceptional leaders bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our community, guiding our dedicated team toward providing the highest standard of care and support for our residents. With a strong commitment to innovation, excellence, and empathy, our executive leadership team continually strives to foster a vibrant and nurturing environment for everyone who calls Elm Grove Living Centre their home.

Executive Leadership

Raquel Legaspi-Labuntog

Executive Director

Medical Leadership Team

Dr. Michael Soboloff

Dr. Carlo Paribello

Dr. Barry Shrott

Resident Services Leadership Team

Beverly Adams

Director of Care

Sama Sajed

Assistant Director of Care

Suzette May

IPAC Lead / Assistant Director of Care

Eric Boakye

Activity Programs Director

Kendal Amedee

Nutrition/Building Manager

Nadine Russell

Office Manager

Iris Wilks

Behavior Support Lead

Shelley Fangon

Resident Quality Services Supervisor/QI Lead

Excell Hall

Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor

Seena Kackar

Nurse Supervisor

Erlyn Entise

Wound Care Practice Lead

Hernie Barlaan


Admin Support

Adelina Leonidas

Nursing Clerk